It’s a pleasure to meet you all


It’s a pleasure to meet you all

Orit shoam Raived is a blogger, plus size model that is very confident about the way she looks and is involved in networking. 


Tzivia Shwartz black is the owner of the brand Tzivia wigs for more then 20 years in the making, She deals with importing gouges wigs from abroad. 


Together we are the proud owners of BLUSH FASHION that was brought to the public after a long time of trying and being an in depth market researcher.


Our friendship began with much love of one another and much pride that we both shared the same passion for chic style and fashion and the desire that rose between us within the years to bring to you a tzinus  trendy and refreshing fashion that is up to date and fits everyone and that will keep you looking young and stylish for years to come, and to be enjoyed by all ages. A style that is inspired by fashion from all around the world, the quality of our fabrics will bring you much comfort though your days of wearing it. 


Tzivia  is in charge of designing clothes in sizes 34-44 while Orit is in charge of designing clothes in sizes 44-50 which means everyone, but literally everyone has something to find on our site. 



The decision to separate the forms of designs and sewing of the clothes in different sizes Is due to the desire to produce the products in large sizes that is flattering and designed special to fit a larger fit and not by just enlarging a dress that was tailored to someone with a small fit and by adding extra fabric may sometimes not be complementary to someone.  



We invite you to join us as we embark this magical and beautiful journey of bringing you unique and up to date fashion inspired by fashionistas from all around the world with out compromising the things that are most important to you. 

אנחנו מזמינות אותך להצטרף אלינו למסע הקסום והיפה אליו יצאנו מזה זמן רב, ולהנות מאפנה ייחודית ועדכנית בהשראות מכל העולם ומבלי להתפשר על הדברים החשובים לך.

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