It’s a pleasure to meet you all

אורית וצביה

ב”ה תענוג לפגוש את כולכם,   אורית שואם Raived היא בלוגרית, דוגמנית פלאס סייז שמאוד בטוחה באיך שהיא נראית ועוסקת ברשת.   צביה שוורץ שחור הינה הבעלים של המותג צביה פאות כבר יותר מ-20 שנה בהתהוות, עוסקת בייבוא ​​פאות חרקים מחו”ל.   יחד אנחנו הבעלים הגאים של BLUSH FASHION שהובאה לציבור לאחר תקופה ארוכה של […]

What will happen with the collection now?

צביה בלאק

Know I don’t even know what will be because of the corona that has taken over our lives, I am sitting here and thinking to myself what will happen now?     Orit and I sat for many hours on our amazing summer collection that I have no idea if any time soon we will […]

Orit shoam Business women?

אורית שוהם

Our idea to Open a collection together, started with Tzivia, Tzivia and I have known each other for 5 years now and often she would tell me “We have to do something together” I am a very sarcastic person , and not very much a business women. I love knowing that my place of work is […]

Planning a new route

בלאש Blush Fashion 016

Years of dreams!!! Endless planning, work plans, business plans I put thought into everything…   But one thing I may have not have given enough thought ( And also didn’t put into my business plans) there is someone who runs the world and things don’t always go according to our plans, there is a phrase […]

We flew to China

אורית וצביה בסין

After 12 days in Gunanghui ,China Its time to organize, you already know me I speak straight forward at eye level without any unnecessary remarks so Tzivia and I went to China to create for you a wonderful and unique collection to fit the plus size population, of course we are accompanied by the top […]