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Years of dreams!!!

Endless planning, work plans, business plans I put thought into everything…


But one thing I may have not have given enough thought ( And also didn’t put into my business plans) there is someone who runs the world and things don’t always go according to our plans, there is a phrase that says “We plan and g-d plans better “


At the end of the day I always learn that everything happens for the best and it leads us to better things to come.


It’s not an easy situation for anyone what is happening around us. This quarantine at home with not knowing what will happen and what will be in the future is a little scary.


I so much anticipated spring 2020


It was clear to me that all the dreams and plans of years would finally happen by spring 2020

Then to my utter shock in one split moment that all got deleted.


As the hours and days passed And the panic of the corona grew, I realized that my dreams need to be put on hold and reality is what needs to be faced now. And we need to adjust to our “new normal” life as it’s being called now.


A half a year of flights that I hear “ feeling the most at home in the world”, as a business owner for over 20 years in the wig Field dealing with importing and marketing of hair And wigs, I try to live by belief that everything that happens is for a job reason.


We have encountered a very tough situation, but came out much stronger.


I learned a lot about my self during that time, I learned to be happy even when it’s not always easy, I learned to let go of what’s not in my control, I learned how much patience I have for my Beloved family and dear children, that on a daily basis I am less aware of these things.


We had a lot of difficult situations over the past 6 months, we started the collection production in China and off course everything came to a brief halt and our most critical work time, we had to relocate our production to turkey and toward the end of the production turkey also closed there factories, at the time I anticipated the launch of our new brand that we put our hard work into, all my dreams were shattered from the horizon nothing was clear anymore.

When will things go back to normal?


But as I said “ this too is for the best”

Corona taught us how much strength we have in us that we didn’t even know existed, so I got up that following morning with a big smile on my face, made myself a delicious cup of coffee and a healthy cookie ( you guessed right we need to diet after this time of year) and began planning a new route


We explored all our dreams and checked our possibilities and saw what can happen now during this time, with a lot of anguish and disappointment, but at the end a gouges collection was born, I started to admire piece by piece looking at the beautiful sewing work and then I remembered to always look at the Half a cup full, Sometimes you have to let go and you will see the good unfold.



I know and feel that we still have years of production ahead of many gouges, stylish, trendy clothes coming your way, even though it interfered with our dreams I still continue to dream big and with the help of g-d we will bring you the best of best for years to come.

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